What will we do now that the Olympics are over?

Olympic fever hit LLPS school yard during the 2012 London Olympics.

We enjoyed the stories behind the sporting heros who lived their dreams of being the best they can be.

The closing ceremony was a great celebration and a happy time for everyone.

Click here for all the digital news of our Olympic journey.

The school yard has been a buzz of activity during the Olympic Games.

Maybe Ruby, Ellen and Julia are future Olympians.

The Synchronised Gymnasts from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Choose a path and follow your dream- but be prepared to show all the YCDI foundations:


Which of the Olympic Sports did you really enjoy watching? Ask everyone in your family to cast their vote.

Celebrating our wonderful year of learning together.

The next two weeks will be a wonderful celebration of our year together.
We have a busy schedule of events to look forward to.
Some of the events have a happy tradition in The Middle Department.
We hope you have enjoyed our time together and you have some very happy memories of your learning experiences.
The 5 round draw:

Tuesday Wednesday Friday Monday Wednesday

The Grand Final will be played at 9:00 on Thursday, 22nd December.
The rules are simple-kick and run!
We look for sportsmanlike behaviour at all times and we expect lots of team spirit.
Good Luck everyone. Photos will appear on our blog as the games begin!

The classes will all visit our wonderful teachers this week after recess each day this week. Teachers have organised some fabulous lessons for your enjoyment. Mrs Lynch has the netbooks booked so that you can explore some of the online resources that are available.

Many students have performed at Middles Idol as their first real experience in front of a large audience.
Sometimes they go on to develop their talent at Secondary College. We hope that this year the high standard will continue. Good Luck everyone and please join in at your class level.

We have been invited to Lara PS for their Senior Performance of Calamity Jane. This is an exciting opportunity to be the audience for a live performance.
The next part of the day will be at the Lara Swimming Pool. Life Savers will be on duty and the water park will be turned on. Don’t forget your lunch on the day.
Middles Idol will conclude the wonderful day together.

This is a lovely way to finish our year together. Each student exchanges a gift with another and we especially share random acts of kindness. This all happens on the last day.
Mrs Lynch will try to keep photos updated on the blog.

MySpace Christmas Comments
Christmas Santa Hat Comment

Our 67th World Flag

What an exciting flag.

Our 67th FLAG!

Our 67th FLAG!

Today we can celebrate a ‘hit’ on our blog from someone in Kazakhstan.

This is a country in Russia.
Denise sent us a couple of very interesting comments from Russia and this began our interest in a country very different to our own country, Australia.

It is amazing that they have found our blog and discovered what MLY, LLPS, is up to.
This is our 67th flag. Our goal is to have 70 world flags by the end of third term. Can anyone help us?

If you know relatives or friends in far away countries of the world, please ask them to hit our blog.

They can Google LLPS Middle Unit Blog or hit the URL: http://llpsmiddle.global2.vic.edu.au.
Come on everyone! Let’s gather as many flags as we can. There are 275 flags of the world.

The Comment that became a Post!

Sometimes we receive a comment that is so good that it makes an excellent post.
You might remember Denise sent us a comment from Russia but it got lost in cyber space.
A funny adventure about a comment that went around the world.

She sent this comment to us this week and everyone enjoyed reading about life in Russia.
Dear MLY,
After I last wrote, we continued to sail through the lakes and rivers of Northern Russia, visiting many small villages. Many of the people were very poor and one day we visited a primary school. The children were all learning crafts so that they would have a job when they left school. They showed us their school, then performed a little concert and gave us afternoon tea. We paid the school and this is how they keep going. Imagine that! Their classrooms were VERY VERY old! and they didn’t have any nice resources like you have.
Then we arrived in Moscow and the weather was a little warmer. It is summer in the northern hemisphere, but it never gets really hot in Moscow, just warm. We visited the famous Red Square and toured the Kremlin, where the Prime Minister has his offices. In Red Square we went to St Basils Church. You may have seen it on the news last week. It was celebrating its 450 th birthday. When the church was finished the king ordered his soldiers to cut out the architects eyes so that he could never design another church! The king wanted to have the most beautiful church in the world. My husband is an architect- I’m glad no-one has cut out his eyes! Ouch!
I see that you are learning about transport this term. When we left the boat we came by bus, plane, taxi, taxi, train, train, plane, taxi, bus, plane,bus, plane, taxi. HOME!!!!!
Have a wonderful third term.
My next letter might be from Canada!

Here is a picture of St Basil’s.

A funny adventure about a comment that went around the world.

This is a funny story that we can share with Mrs Lynch’s class in Quebec, Canada.
The adventure started in Moscow, Russia. Mrs Lynch’s brother and sister-in-law are tourists there at the moment. I asked Denise if she would ‘hit’ the blog so that we could have the Russian flag. She was very kind and left a comment as well. Somehow the blog address got confused and the comment ended up on Mrs Lynch’s blog in CANADA! Amazing!
Now the story begins to unravel…
Mrs Lynch in Canada made a connection..(we do this in reading). She realised that the comment was not meant for her class, but who could it be for?
Well- it’s a small world in the teachers’ blogging family. Mrs Lynch in Canada realised that the comment would be for Mrs Lynch in Australia- LLPS Middle Unit Blog in tiny little Lara.
So, a couple of emails went between the two Mrs Lynches over a couple of hours. We are pleased to announce that the comment has returned to its intended destination.
Wow- isn’t that a fantastic example of how internet communication has made the world so small.
What do you think of the journey?

Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 8.28.49 PMRussia to

Canada to


in a couple of hours!

Here is the much travelled comment.

Dear Class 102, My name is Denise Arnel and I am Mrs Lynch’s sister-in-law. I am a teacher too! At the moment, I am travelling through Russia with my husband, Tony, who is Mrs Lynch’s big brother. We are sailing on a boat through the lakes and rivers of Russia. The boat sails each night while we are asleep, and then each morning when we wake up, we are in a different town or village! It is a very different way of living here. At the moment, they have White Nights- that means that the sun sets at about midnight and rises again between 2.30 and 3.00 a.m. Only two or three hours of darkness each day! BUT- in the Winter that is reversed- can you imaging that?? Only two or three hours of sunlight each day! That would mean that the children go to school in the dark and have playtime in pitch black! Then they go home in the dark. I don’t think that I would like to be here in Winter, as it snows every day and the temperature is around minus 30. That’s because this city, St Petersburg is the
biggest city closest to the North Pole. (close to Father Christmas!!!) St Petersburg is a very beautiful city and it is known as the cultural capital of Russia. That means that all the best museums, art galleries and theatres are here. Last night we went to the ballet to see Swan Lake. Have you heard of that? Ask Mrs Lynch to tell you the story! It is a beautiful love story. The Russian ballet company is famous around the world. St Petersburg is built on canals and people travel around in boats. It is very much like Amsterdam or Venice. You are all getting ready for your term break. Enjoy your holiday. I will write to you all again from Moscow and tell you about the Mosow circus! Bye

Four Planets in a line.

One of our most popular posts is about the big moon when it was close to Planet Earth back in April.
This month is also good for star gazing.
Remember…. this interesting past time is man’s oldest hobby.

This week, Jupiter is lining up with Venus, Mercury and Mars. They are visible early in the morning across Australia’s eastern skies.

The alignment of the four planets happens only once every 50 to 100 years.

The last time these planets were observed together was in October 1910.

So get up early this weekend and look low in the sky and to the East before the sun rises.
Leave us a comment, or if you can’t see the planets watch the video instead. ( It’s been too cloudy for us to see the stars this week!)

Let’s Go Cats!

The Geelong Football Club is looking forward to another successful season in 2011.

Last week two players attended our school for a football clinic with The Middle Department.

Marcus Drum (22)  and Cameron Guthrie (29) kept a keen eye on the LLPS players. They said that if we listen to our teachers and our coaches, eat healthy food, set achievable goals and,  most importantly, keep on trying even after the setbacks, then we will be successful.

This is Marcus and Cameron’s first year with GFC.  Marcus is injured but Cameron is playing his first game this week.

Congratulations Cameron. We will follow you this year.

Comment on your favourite team and your football heros.

The Big Moon

Did you see the SUPER MOON this week?

 There was a special full moon event.

 The moon was  about 30,000km nearer to Earth than its average distance of 385,000km.

It was a beautiful sight.

It is such a simple thing to do. Go outside at night time and star gaze. Think about the people all over the world who have looked at the stars for millions of years. Leave a comment about the night sky at your house.


Chloe and Kade's tour of our new hall.

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We were returning from our whole school assembly on Thursday when Mrs Lynch noticed that all the workers had left the building site. We decided to send Chloe and Kade over to ask Gary, the project manager, if he would take some photos for us. To our surprise, he invited Kade and Chloe on to the site to take the photos themselves. Gary had to use a big spanner to open the fence up. Kade is an experienced photographer with the big camera because his mum has a SLR.

What do you think of the new hall?

Only one month to go now and everyone can see the fantastic hall for themselves.

10:10:10 10/10/10

10:10:10 on the 10/10/10

What a funny date. Unscramble the time and the date and write it the long way.

We are celebrating the Number 10 for maths.

Our number system is based on the number 10.

Our number system is called the decimal system.

We can write many things about the powerful number 10.

All blog readers please help us.

 MLY says that our measuring units are based on ten

10 mm=1cm

100 cm= 1 metre

1 000 mLs=1L

1 000g= 1 kg

If we multiply by 10 it changes the number to the next place in the place value system

If we divide by 10 it changes the number down to the next number in our place value system.

Counting by 10s is easy because the final digit stays the same.

Here’s to the powerful number 10!