The End of the 2012 Olympic Games

Friday was an exciting day for us at LLPS.

The whole school gathered together in the hall for our very own version of  ‘The Olympic Games’.

We dressed in the team colours behind our country’s flag.

It was a colourful scene.

We even participated in a Torch Relay and the lighting of the Olympic Flame. 

We hope this short video captures the excitement of the Opening Ceremony.

The events were so much fun. Our groups were mixed with Preps and Grade 6 students in each team

The activities were led by our 2012 student leaders.  
LLPS Mini Olympics on PhotoPeach

The event was organised as a major fundraising event for 2012.

We are trying to raise enough money for the best playground we can afford.

If we all bring our donations back by Friday, 17th August, we will be in the draw for the trip to Disneyland and a prize from the organising committee.

We required  mental toughness to get us through the events. The day was cold and wet.

We required that same mental toughness for our classroom Olympics that covered a spelling test, times tables and finishing off tasks.

Gold medals were awarded and the most decorated student went to Hayden!

Congratulations on a top effort!






Recording our interviews:

The main literacy task for our class was to read Usain Bolt’s biography.

This text explained his life – where he comes from, the main influences on his career and his ambitions in the sport of athletics.

We attempted to summarise the main points of this ‘bio’ and then we developed some questions and answers for the television interview project.

Each student worked with a partner as a sports interviewer and Usain Bolt himself.

We think the hard work paid off with some excellent information about our hero-the fastest man on Earth- Usain Bolt.

Parents and viewers- please leave a comment about the quality of our work.

4. Publishing the autobiographies.

We analysed his character and attempted to write from Usain Bolt’s own feelings, character and experiences.

The task was easier for us when we had so much prior knowledge to turn into the type of structure required for an autobiography.

LLPS Olympics. 

The colours looked magnificent as we looked around the oval at the countries represented at our Olympics.

MLY has a great interest in flags. We have 123 flags on our blog so far and we would like to add more to this collection by the end of this term.

Some of the countries on this Powerpoint Presentation indicate the counries that we do not have a hit from on our flag counter.

Can you help? Please let us know if you can contact someone from one of the countries were are seeking a flag hit.

Look at the Powerpoint Presentation for your colour guide.

The Flags of the World Collection on our blog is up to 123 flags. Our goal is 130 by September.

The Prime Minister’s Challenge

The London, 2012, Olympic Games will begin early next term.

MLY enjoy being active and we love to accept a challenge.

MrsLynch has nominated MLY to participate in The Prime Minister’s Challenge.









Our Prime Minister, Ms Julia Gillard, launched the challenge to encourage all children to become active in their daily lives.

It is easy for our class to be active participants because running, playing, jumping, walking, exercising are things we love to do.

How the Challenge works

The process is simple. Once registered, all children have to do is:

  • Play sport or take part in activities at school, home, as part of their sporting group, or all three ways, each week of the Challenge. Children are encouraged to participate within their ability levels to ensure a safe and fun sporting experience;
  • Accumulate points by recording the type of sport played and the amount of time spent playing sport on the Prime Minister’s Olympic Challenge website;
  • Watch these points grow during the Challenge; and
  • Receive either a gold, silver, bronze or participation certificate based on how many points have been accumulated across the Challenge.
  • How are points calculated?

    Each eligible participant will earn either a gold, silver, bronze or participation certificate based on their level of participation**:

    • To be awarded a gold certificate, children need to participate in an average of 60 minutes of sport each day and try at least 15 different sports during the Challenge.
    • To be awarded a silver certificate, children need to participate in an average of 45 minutes of sport each day and try at least 10 different sports during the Challenge.
    • To be awarded a bronze certificate, children need to participate in an average of 30 minutes of sport each day and try at least 5 different sports during the Challenge.
    • To be awarded a participation certificate, children need to participate in a minimum of 10 hours of sport during the Challenge.

    Good Luck everyone!

Two weeks ago the whole school partcipated in Jump Rope For Heart. The skipping ropes are still popular in the play ground.

Last week MLY played a game of football against MNO. There was a competitive atmosphere as we had an umpire (Mr Skewes) and a scorer.

MNO were the winners but both teams won sportsmanship awards. The team spirit, encouragement from team mates and sportsmanlike behaviour was a very high standard.

Do you like to exercise?

Do you like comptitive sports?

Do you like push yourself when you start to get tired during sporting activities?



The Aths at Goldsworthy

Custom Glitter Text

Custom Glitter Text
Congratulations to everyone who participated in our fantastic Athletics Day at Goldsworthy Track on Wednesday.
Here are some highlights from the day written using our best grammar and punctuation.
1. I was very nervous as I waited patiently at the starting line for Mrs Wallis to fire the starting gun to begin the 100 metre sprint down the straight stretch of the track.
2. It was easy at the start of the 200 metre run but as I kept going my lungs seemed as if they would burst and my legs started to feel like jelly.
3. Mr Muir ran like the wind when he blitzed the field as the final runner in the staff team relay event.
4. The heavy shot putt needed a hefty push to make it go past the orange marker.

At last-Our Commonwealth Games Event

Last week the weather turned nasty for our scheduled Commonwealth Games Event.
We gave the responsibility to our local weatherman- Huckleberry Finn (alias-Flynn Westland) and he chose Friday, 22 October.
It was a perfect day for swimming, athletics, equestrian, gymnastics, field events and weight lifting.
The Queen arrived to perform ‘her’ official duties.
Mt Torriero, a professional Commonwealth Games coach, arrived as a special guest for the weight lifting event.

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Please comment on the sport that you have chosen as your favourite sporting event.