Education Week, 2012

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Dear Parents,
Thank you to all our parents who attended our Open Day today.
It was an opportunity to show you our published work and encourage you to drop by the LLPS Middle Unit Blog occasionally.
We enjoy the comments you leave but we have strict rules.
We require careful editing and encourage a high standard of spelling, punctuation and grammar.
We do not allow ‘chat’ on the blog.
The comments should be informative and offer feedback on the post.
We do not identify anyone with surnames.
We look forward to interacting with home and school through this amazing technology.
From Mrs Lynch and Class MLY

Rewards Week

We always look forward to our ‘Rewards Week’.
We have been busy with WALT -learning goals (what we are learning today) and WILF-success criteria (what I am looking for) all term.

Now it is time to celebrate our achievements.

Tuesday was  ‘All Day Computer Day’.
Here are our favourite sites to try again during the holidays.




Thursday was our ‘Scooters at School’ day.

The Middles had so much fun with the scooters in the school ground.

Monday was Project Expo.

We shared our projects at the Project Expo.
This term the standard of presentation was excellent.

Did you enjoy Rewards Week?
Do you think you will attend Rewards at the end of Term 2?

An 'all day' computer day!

The opportunity doesn’t come up very often but today was a lucky day for MLY!

Before recess we commented on the blog and watched 10,000 hits click over. We were pleased with ourselves!

Next we did our spelling using Study Ladder. It is easy to get points. Mitch was the top scorer!

After recess we had a whole hour on Fish Market. Mrs Harvey was very impressed with our bartering skills.

To finish off the day we had fractions on Smartkiddies.

We loved the day and it went by quickly.

What would it be like if we had a computer each every day.

Use your comment to ask Mr Creece if he could provide us with a computer each next year……no harm in trying!