How to leave a Comment.

How to leave a comment…
We always enjoy it when our visitors leave us a comment about one of the posts.
This makes blogging exciting and we always check the blog for comments every day.
We particularly enjoy comments from parents, grandparents, relations from far away and teachers from all around the world.
Our flag counter is fascinating. We love all the flags and we find the countries on our globe.
Sometimes when we are on the blog,  someone else is on in real time- that means at the same time. The revolving globe  is exciting for that.

Please leave a comment on a post!

 Go our posts and browse until you find something that interests you.

Parents please use first name only. This is for cyber safety reasons.

Leaving a comment is simple…

1. Click on the heading of the post you wish to comment on.
2. Click on the word “ Comment” at the top of the post.
3. You will be asked for your name and email address.
4. You will need to write the “spam word” – to protect us from unwanted emails.
5. Click “submit comment”.
Your comment WILL NOT appear straight away.
It is sent to Mrs Lynch via email for checking first.
If your comment is okay it will soon appear on the site!

We have a strict set of Gr 3/4 expectations for comments:

1. Introduce your comment like a letter – “Dear MLY”.
2. Write your comment about the post. Mrs Lynch often leaves ideas and questions at the bottom of the post to start you off.
3. Check your comment for correct spelling, grammar, spacing and punctuation before you submit it. We do not  find ‘chat’ interesting so please make your comments interesting and use complex sentences please.
4. Don’t reveal any personal information about yourself in your comment.

We hope this helps you to place a comment to How to leave a comment…

Don’t forget us-

113 thoughts on “How to leave a Comment.

  1. Dear Anne-Maree,
    Thank you for the good wishes.
    I will need to turn my blog into something else next week- a travel blog, a gardening blog, a collecting blog- and more suggestions.
    From Mrs Lynch

  2. Dear Mrs Lynch
    This is my opinon about you retirement news
    you should stay at the school because your a wonderfull teacher and your relly nice and all the teachers like you.

  3. Dear Mrs Lynch
    I heard the the of Aberfan in juniors when I first came to this school.
    Yes, I have formed my opinion and that I think that we should change our uniform because its 50 years old and that day happened ages ago. People hardly know about it
    In conclusion LLPS should change our uniform.
    From Trent

  4. Dear Mrs lynch,
    Good job at being at this job for 38 years. That is a long time. The differences betwen the two photos are amazing. I hope you have good rest of the year with MLY.
    From Bailey

  5. Dear Mrs Lynch I’m going to tell you my opinion about changing the uniform and I have not heard the story before

    My opinion is that I don’t think they should change the school uniform here is why.

    Well Lara Lake Primary School has had this uniform for 56 years and I think they should keep it that way

    Also that means making new uniforms which the school will have to spend even more money and parents will have to pay for new uniforms and no parent wants to do that.

    To back that up green red and white are the Welsh colours and since Aberfan also had a tradgety and Lara Lake helped them we should keep the Welsh colours

    My third reason we should keep the uniform is because its traditon and thats my opinion of why we should keep the uniform.

  6. Dear Trent,
    Thank you for your comment about changing the uniform. It is a good idea to keep up with trends and keep abreast of changes.
    From Mrs Lynch

  7. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I enjoyed looking at some of my video’s on the blog. I have 3 clips. I especially liked the flipson the back playground that I did with Ellen and Julia. Thank you for putting fun videos on the blog.
    From Ruby

  8. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I can not belive that at the of this year we had only 45,000 hits on the blog now we have 81,206.I hope that some one keeps the blog going.
    From Ben

  9. Hi Mrs.Lynch
    i am very sad that you are leving because i wanted you in 2013.i really didnt like Mr.Creeces ballet[it was horrible]i hope that the blog is still on when you leave.i better let you go now.bye.
    From william

  10. Hi Mrs Lynch
    Just wonderin when you are going to put the middles idol videos on the blog.
    Merry Christmas!
    I will miss you
    From Jessica R

  11. Hi miss Lynch,
    I’m Bridie and after school I go on this enthusiastic website!!!:) I can not believe your leaving so soon:(

    Come back Bridie

  12. Hi Jessica
    i hope you had a smurftastic christmas with your family.Jesse and i are missing Mrs.Lynch very much.[Jesse and i are filling our eyes with water]looking at the photos with Mrs.Lynch are very teary.Hope you are having a great time on these holidays. PLEASE say hello to Tash and Eden for me
    From your classmate Will

  13. hi Mrs.lynch
    I am missing you very much.I didn’t get to sing the goodbye song to you and the middle because I was sick.the teacher that I have next year is Mrs.Crompton and my sister has miss.saggers .Jesse and I have a lot of water in our eyes.we do hope lips middle unit blog is still on this year and the year after that.hope you are having a smurftastic good holiday.
    From William

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