How to leave a Comment.

How to leave a comment…
We always enjoy it when our visitors leave us a comment about one of the posts.
This makes blogging exciting and we always check the blog for comments every day.
We particularly enjoy comments from parents, grandparents, relations from far away and teachers from all around the world.
Our flag counter is fascinating. We love all the flags and we find the countries on our globe.
Sometimes when we are on the blog,  someone else is on in real time- that means at the same time. The revolving globe  is exciting for that.

Please leave a comment on a post!

 Go our posts and browse until you find something that interests you.

Parents please use first name only. This is for cyber safety reasons.

Leaving a comment is simple…

1. Click on the heading of the post you wish to comment on.
2. Click on the word “ Comment” at the top of the post.
3. You will be asked for your name and email address.
4. You will need to write the “spam word” – to protect us from unwanted emails.
5. Click “submit comment”.
Your comment WILL NOT appear straight away.
It is sent to Mrs Lynch via email for checking first.
If your comment is okay it will soon appear on the site!

We have a strict set of Gr 3/4 expectations for comments:

1. Introduce your comment like a letter – “Dear MLY”.
2. Write your comment about the post. Mrs Lynch often leaves ideas and questions at the bottom of the post to start you off.
3. Check your comment for correct spelling, grammar, spacing and punctuation before you submit it. We do not  find ‘chat’ interesting so please make your comments interesting and use complex sentences please.
4. Don’t reveal any personal information about yourself in your comment.

We hope this helps you to place a comment to How to leave a comment…

Don’t forget us-

113 thoughts on “How to leave a Comment.

  1. HI MLY,
    I can’t believe how many hits we have had so far.
    It is 20,748 hits. WOW!
    That is a very big number.
    Til next time – keep blogging in the holidays.
    from Liam

  2. Dear juctic leagh great performenc on friday. i really loved it i cant wait for you to perform at ms Thomases wedding.


  3. Dear Ms Thomas,
    I hope you like your
    wedding that we have planned for you .
    But I also hope your real wedding goes just as well. I will see you at your Royal wedding.

  4. Dear MR Aurundell,
    I really liked what you did for all those poor people in Bostwana for all the homeless orphans. I am maybe thinking I am goning to do that when i grow up too. I will study hard too.

  5. Dear Mrs Lynch i can not wait to start MONEY MATHS! I am so excited. By the way keep up the fantastic work.

    I can not wait to go to Ms Thomas’ wedding tomorrow! My mum has even put some curls in my hair for me. from Monikque

  6. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!

  7. Hi there MLYand middles
    I am having fun on the llps middle unit blog .

    from Tash Belfrage MTH P.S
    I hope you have a great time on llps middle unit blog.

  8. Hi there Tash,
    Thank you for your comment. Would you mind taking a look at our rules about making a comment on the blog for next time please. We like a really high standar of letter writing rather than chat. Thank you for taking an interest,
    From MrsLynch

  9. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I remember the word metacognition.
    It is when we think alot about our learning.
    From cailah

  10. Hi MLY & all at LLPS,
    I’m Sarah Nash and I just moved schools. I’ve been at my new school for 1 week now and I’m going pretty well but I really miss all of you, especially Eden, Julia, Tanayah, Rosie and Annie from MTO also Ruby, Gorgia and Jade from MQU. I hope to stay in touch. I’ll write to you again soon,

  11. Dear Middles,
    We think the middles blog is an awesome idea!Right now there is 24,177 hits on the blog !
    P.S keep up the magnificent work!
    Have aloooooot of fun,
    bridie and monikque

  12. Dear MLY,
    Well my whole family got up at 2:00 in the morning we had Mcdonalds for breakfast I had a sausage egg mcmuffin our flight took off at 6:00 in the morning we flew with Virgin Blue inside the plane they had a a mini TV it had foxtel and you had to put ear plugs in your ears it took us 1hour and 40 minutes we got into to Gold Coast Airport we got all of our bags then we caught a cab to our hotel we had to wait until 10:00 so we watched a movie at the cinema and we watched ZooKeeper it was funny I had a small coke my favorite charecter was the monkey then our apartment was ready by that time it was lunch time so we went to Aldi and had a salad sandwich and at 2:00 we went to the pool it was fun I was the last one in there then we went back and had a shower then watched the Footy
    From Ben

  13. Dear Mrs Lynch,
    I had a great day on saturday we went to the races it was very hot. But we found a spot in the very cold room but there was also a granstand outside. So we could go outside and still stay inside we had a table inside aswell. I had a bet on every race and all tohgether I won…$34.25. I was shocked and now I have $50 because I had $20 in my wallet. So know I have $50 my day was great even if I didn’t win no money.
    From Ben

  14. Dear MLY&Mrs Lynch,
    Yesterday I went shopping at Kmart to find a book to read.I chose THE CUP now everynight i can’t put it down because it so amazing.Cause my dad would like this book so I rang him up and I told him what I bought. This book is on the 2002 Melbourne Cup I asked, dad who won the 2002 Melbourne Cup he answerd Media Puzzle.It was correct I can’t wait until I come home and read it.
    From Ben

  15. I like your note about checking grammar and spelling before commenting. I wish everyone did that, I get some right awful comments on my website from people 🙁

  16. Wow term 1 was great! This term is fantastic, next term might be magnificent then the last term is always the worst because we have to say good bye to all of the lovely teachers. Have fun on the blog
    From Hannah

  17. Dear Mrs lynch,

    I enjoyed the pre math test on 23/05/2012 (hope i got a lot of answers correct).

    Have nice weekend ,From Riley Sutej.

  18. Hi Mrs Lynch, I love your class and want to be in it next year! And Fish Market is a great educational game. I learn lots and lots of maths and everything!!! I made lots of improvements in my learning. My Mum thinks you are a great Teacher! And I do too! And can we play more of the Fish Market tomorrow??? Also I have made more friends in your grade MLY. From Jesse

  19. Hi Mrs Lynch

    My mum and I like looking at the blog.

    There are lots of awesome posts to leave comments on.

    Ben G

  20. Hi Mrs Lynch I love your class and when you see my lifestyles project you will be blown away

  21. Hi Miss Noonan I love being in your fantastic class, because I enjoy learning so much maths. I know what the squar root of 81 is. It equals 9.

    From Bridie!!!!

  22. Daer mrs lynch,
    I can’t wait to do decmimal fractions in maths this week.I also like doing work about the olympics 2012

    from Bailey

  23. Hi Mrs. Lynch,
    I have heard alot of good things about you. Jesse told me almost everthing about you. I do hope i get you next year.

  24. Hi Mrs.Lynch
    I am having a wonderful time looking at everything on the blog.I voted for the swimming event on the Olympic votes because I always watched it.Hope you are having a good time.From William

  25. Hi Mrs Lynch and MLY,
    I noticed how many flags and hits you have had it’s incredible. It’s amazing that you have had people from United Kingdom, Dublin, Italy and many more countries on your blog!
    From Jessica

  26. Dear MLY
    I did not know you could get so many hits in one day and I love all your posts. They get me excited
    From Amber M.

  27. Hi Mrs.Lynch
    I’ve been getting fit with jesse because we went to school to have a short play with no one else then he went back to my house.We poured water on our heads because it was to hot.I hope you are having a great time relaxing.
    from william

  28. Hi Mrs.Lynch
    How are you? I am having a great time on these fantastic holidays. I have been on the blog alot of times. I am the only one that has been commenting on the joseph concert. I hope i will talk to you soon.
    From will

  29. Hi William,
    It was lovely to hear from you during the holidays. I am glad that you have found the blog entertaining during the holidays. It will be exciting to start a new term on monday,
    From Mrs Lynch

  30. Hi Mrs.lynch
    and thankyou for giving me a nice mesages.I showed my parents last night and they liked it.I wached some entertainment this morning to start the day.Today i might be going fishing for a part of my project. It looks like its to be a wonderful day today so i cant wait. One last thing is that i hope jesse doing a great job with you as his teacher.
    from will

  31. I am an ex Lara Lake and MLY student and I think the blog is a great idea! My teachers at school are concidering running up the same kind of thing. They would like to know however how much security this blog gives the school? I would really appreciate you helping me out. Thank you and keep up the great blog!

  32. Hi Danielle,
    It is lovely to hear from you.
    Many teachers manage to have class blogs for their students. They are a fantastic way to publish and share work and experiences. Edublogs can filter any spam and all comments are filtered by the publisher of the blog. Blogging is an amazing experience. I think blogs are a little bit like magazines. They can be pretty and great for snippets of information.
    Enjoy your blogging,
    Mrs Lynch

  33. Hi there Anne Maree,
    Thanks for checking in on us in MLY. I enjoy sharing all our excellent work with family and friends. I also like to find out what some other classes at differnt schools all around the world are up to.
    PS, Ben is working well in class and enjoying having Dylan back from Bali.
    Mrs Lynch

  34. Hi Mrs Lynch,

    I wanted to tell you that I have got 12,000 points on Mathletics this week so far. Could you please get me new activities thank you :).

    From Riley M

  35. Hi there Riley,
    Congratulatutions on a great week on Mathletics.
    I will certainly put on some more activities for you.
    How about some good old addition and subtraction problems.
    Good Luck with them.
    If you manage to get over 15,000 points you can have a whole class reward for EVERYONE!
    From MrsLynch

  36. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    I have already got over 15,000 points and I am going for 20,000 points.

    From Riley M.

  37. Hi Mrs Lynch,

    I wanted to tell you that I got on the hall of fame (the second time this week) I got 66 in Australia.

    From Riley M

  38. Hi Mrs Lynch,
    I can’t believe how many hits we have got so far and how many people have been getting on the hall of fame how exiting is that.
    From Mya

  39. Hi Mrs Lynch

    We have just been reading about your retirement, a well earnt break I am sure …

    I certainly hope someone keeps the blog going it is great to see what the kids have been up too.



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