Blog rules

Keeping the blog secure is of upmost important to us. Through blogging,  MLY will  have the opportunity to learn about appropriate online behaviour.

The following guidelines have been established to ensure the safety of our students when blogging.

  • Students will only be identified by their first name.

  • Comments  written by students are checked by Mrs Lynch before they are published on the blog.

  • Comments will not include personal details about students such as addresses or family information.

  • All comments submitted have to be approved by Mrs Lynch before they are included on the blog.

  • All students must have parental permission to comment on the blog and to have their photo published on the internet.

  • Parents who leave comments are asked to use their first name only so as not to identify their child.

  • All students must abide by the blogging rules that we have established as a class.

  • Any photos of students on the blog will be anonymous.

  • Parents who leave comments are asked not to use last names either.

  • Proof-read your comments carefully. Students should have a family member check for spelling mistakes before submitting a comment.

  • Always write in full sentences and words – no “text talk” please!

  • Enjoy using our blog. What a great way to share our learning.

5 thoughts on “Blog rules

  1. Hi Maggie,
    Thank you for your comment and for looking around our blog. Remember that our comments are like letters and they are more informative than ‘chat’ messages that you might leave on some sites. Would you like to try again sometime and write a letter to the class about a post. We would love to know what you think.
    From MrsLynch

  2. Dear Daniel,
    Thank you for your comment. Next time we would like you to read our suggestions for comments. We write the comment as a letter.
    Call by again sometime,
    Mrs Lynch

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