The Class Raffle winner is…Jackson! Again!

Get a Voki now!

Each week names go into the jar if students do something wonderful in the classroom. One name is drawn out on Friday. The winner has a choice of their very own Voki. Do you like Jackson’s choice? What does he say? Play the voice to hear.
Use the comments to plan what sort of Voki you will choose if you win next week.

Modelled Writing- Mrs Lynch loves her adjectives and metaphors!
Jackson’s Voki is a cool dude. His deep voice says “Ho Ho, I am a night guy. I am cool,brother!”

The cool dude wears blue makeup and dark shades so that you cannot see the colour of his eyes. He is like an Avatar.

His hair is messy like a shaggy dog and his gear is great street gear.

Jackson’s Voki looks like a very modern fashion guy.

Jackson's Voki

Our lesson today was to write a description of Jackson’s Voki that has been on our blog for one week.

Can you draw a picture of what you think his voki looked like from this description?

We combined our ideas and pooled our adjectives, metaphors and punctuation suggestions.

Here it is:

Jackson’s voki had a weird voice. It said, “This is Jackson speaking. I am a wizard.”

Jackson’s voki had a pointy wizard hat with five big, white stars.

He had a flat, green nose that was like a pig’s snout.

His yellow, long, messy hair fell all over his face,  like a shaggy dog.

His beard and moustache matched his messy hair. You can’t see his eyes because of the  silver,  reflective sunglasses with black,  square frames.

The weirdest thing of all was the mouth because it was shaped like an oblong and he had eight vampire teeth.

In the background the bright fires burnt like Black Saturday fires.

What a weirdo!