Australia, The Lucky Country

We love everything about our wonderful country-
the orange deserts
the rugged coastline
the sparkling waterfalls
the thirsty cracked ground
the yellow fields of sunflowers
the swaying paddocks of wheat
the twinkling lights of the city
the soft smooth sandy beach
the changing colours of the mountains
It’s our country- Australia!


Australia, The Lucky Country

My Country by Dorthea McKellar

What do you think- ‘Australia, The Lucky Country’ means?

Where is Lara?
Lara is 15 km north of Geelong.
Geelong is 75km west of Melbourne.
Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria.
Victoria is the smallest state of mainland Australia.
Australia is the only island continent.
There are seven continents in the world.
The world is Planet Earth.
Planet Earth is part of the Solar System.
The solar system is part of The Universe.
The Universe includes everything is space- the stars and galaxies.

Google Earth is fantstic. Ask you parents if you can download Google Earth onto your home computer.
Have fun locating some places around Austrlalia using Google Earth.

Where in the World is Geelong?

Lara Lake is near Geelong.

Geelong is in Victoria.

Victoria is Australia.

Australia is an island continent.

The continents make up Planet Earth.

Earth is part of our solar system.

The solar system is in the universe.

The universe is infinite.


Girls and boys dressed up in national cotumes from all over the world.

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