Heroes Day for Education Week

Assembly was very different this week.

Mrs McKenzie decided that LLPS would celebrate our wonderful school and all the great learning that happens at LLPS by dressing up as a hero or a heroine.

Mr Creece loves a dress up parade and he was the hero of the show.

Mr Creece was The Ogre from Shrek.

We would like to ask Mr Creece this question.

Why is The Ogre your hero Mr Creece?

Let’s predict some possible answers to this question.

Here are some scenes from the celebration day.
Heroes Day on PhotoPeach

Education Week, 2012

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Dear Parents,
Thank you to all our parents who attended our Open Day today.
It was an opportunity to show you our published work and encourage you to drop by the LLPS Middle Unit Blog occasionally.
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We look forward to interacting with home and school through this amazing technology.
From Mrs Lynch and Class MLY