Fun Fridays

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We love Fridays in MLY.
The end of a long, hard week of learning deserves some celebrations.
We like to celebrate:
1. Homework
2. Times tables quiz
3. Spelling quiz
4. Shared reading activity
5. Assembly.

Which part of ‘Fun Friday’ do you like the best?

Here is the video of us coming back from assembly today.

Windy Friday from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

It was an extreme weather day.
We could hardly walk across the oval after assembly.
We had to fight against Mother Nature and her forces.

Fun Friday was Windy Friday.
How can you tell that it was really windy?

Fun Friday

It’s Friday again and time to celebrate a great week of learning in MLY.

Here is the first reward- a short little video that will put a smile on our dial.

Class Reward Vid- Talking Dogs

The second activity isMoney Maths.

Everyone has earned $3,000 for spending on their house this week. It is just like being on the television show “The Block’. You have eight rooms to furnish. Enjoy your shopping expedition today.

Our third activity is ‘The Block’.

You must design your room according to the area dimensions. Who will win the best room design?

Our fourth activity is Baseball Maths. 

The rules are just like a real game of Baseball.

Teams have only two players.

To play the game you need a game board, some game pieces and dice.
The ‘pitcher’ rolls the dice and the batter has to multiply the numbers.

If they get the answer wrong it’s an out. If they get the answer right, the game board tells you if it’s an out, a single, double, triple or home run.

It’s a simple game to play and it adds excitement to practising our number facts. We’ll use arrays and tables grids until we improve our automatic response.

You can modify the game by playing with a six-sided dice and a twelve-sided dice, or two twelve-sided dice for higher multiplication facts.
Here are the scoring sheets for different dice, and directions for the game: Modified Scoring Sheet


You may work out your answers using the grid paper to draw and check your arrays.

After recess we will enjoy our  reading session. Our new books are FANTASTIC!

The last job for this week is to publish our Persuasive Writing Task for this week.

Living in the City is better than Living in the Country.

Living in the country is better than Living in the City.

Now we can look forward to the weekend.