Our Excursion to the City of Geelong

On Friday 18th May, the Middle Department left LLPS for our big day out in Geelong.

We travelled about approximately 15 kilometres along the Prince’s Highway until we reached the CBD area.

We discovered the entertainment, education, transport, law and order facilities for the people of Geelong.

Can you see the area where city life is busy with the comings and goings of people going about their daily business?







The buses arrived in Little Malop St and we began our timetable of activities.

9:45 – 10:20- The Gordon Institute -TAFE

10:30- City Hall, Art Gallery, War Memorial

11:30- 11:45- Recess in Johnson’s Park

11:50- 12:30- Tour of GPAC

12:40-1:10- Session in Geelong Library

1:15-1:40-lunch in Johnston’s Park

1:45- 2:30- Geelong Train Station. Law Courts and Police Station.

2:30 -Depart Geelong for LLPS.

Here is a slide show of our day. Please leave a comment at the end of the show. Do you like our city?
City of Geelong on PhotoPeach

What is one thing that you learnt from our big day out in Geelong? Please leave a comment about your opinion of our beautiful city by Corio Bay. 

The New Hall

How high is the crane? from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

The crane went 40 metres into the air when it was shifting the frame into place around the site. The crane stayed at the building site for a week. During that time the steel frame for our new hall went up.

Our hall is going to be enormous. We can actually see that the building has a shape now. How exciting!

Our new hall is taking on the shape of a new canteen, music room and full size basketball court. We didn’t realise how big it was going to be until recently. The crane has left the building site now-its job is done! Watching the workers build such an enormous building is interesting. We will keep you informed as the project moves along.

So far we have seen:

Stage 1-preparation of site and concrete foundation.

Stage 2- the steel frame erected with the fascinating assistance of the enormous crane that could be seen from all over Lara.

Stage 3-    to come next week. Don’t forget to visit the posr regularly

Sage 4-

Stage 5-

Stage 6-

When you comment on our hall, you might answer these questions in statement form.

  1. What do you think we will be able to do inside the hall?
  2. Will it be good to have another canteen?
  3. What colours do you want our hall to have for the walls and floor?

Where in the World is Geelong?

Lara Lake is near Geelong.

Geelong is in Victoria.

Victoria is Australia.

Australia is an island continent.

The continents make up Planet Earth.

Earth is part of our solar system.

The solar system is in the universe.

The universe is infinite.


Girls and boys dressed up in national cotumes from all over the world.

Have you heard of these countries?

Bali, China, Egypt, India, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, America.