‘The Blues Sisters’

We look forward to Fun Friday every week.

This week was extra special as some of our fantastic teachers promised to perform a famous ‘Blues Brothers’ song called ‘Shake Your Tail Feather’.

They practised during lunch times and the performance was amazing.

We certainly have the most talented teachers in the whole world.

 Leave a comment for for the teachers to read.

 Maybe they will perform again next year.

In the meantime we can look forward to the next exciting Fun Friday entertainment: Mr Creece doing ballet in a tutu!

Can you remember when Mr Creece, Mr Muir and Mr Smith  performed last year?

It certainly was a great performance from the boys!

Your blog comment could include some constructive comments for future improvements for the teachers’ acts.

Our Friday Assembly Items

Every Friday LLPS assemble together in our lovely, new gymnasium. We have the regular presentations such as our YCDI awards. Students receive a YCDI certificate if they have shown confidence, organisation, persistence, getting along behaviour or resilience. Then we have an award from our Principal, Mr Creece. Teachers choose a student who has achieved well in their learning. The parents usually come to assembly just in case their child goes out to the front for an award. It is a proud moment. We also have the JSC White Hand Award for keeping the school yard tidy.
Sometimes we have student presentations.
This one is the Preps saying the alphabet. They are very clever Preps!

This one is the Middles doing an Energy Squad presentation to the school.

This one is after our Jump Rope for Heart. The Skippers practised a routine.

Please leave a comment about your school’s weekly ssembly.

Run Around Australia

Today Mr Creece helped us to run through the Northern Territory and now we are in Western Australia.

Mr Creece ran around the oval 27 times during recess time.  Mr Creece’s laps were worth 50 km.

 This means he helped us to travel 1,350 km. Thank you Mr Creece.

The students enjoyed running and they they ran 1,000 laps.

Mr Creece’s Run Around the Oval from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Mr Creece helped us to run over 1,000 km because he ran 27 laps during recess. Thank you Mr Creece for getting us through the desert of WA.

Your comments:
1. How many laps did you run with Mr Creece?
2. Could you keep up with Mr Creece?
3. Do you like our Run Around Australia event?
4. Are you happy that we won the Health and Well Being Challenge from all the other Geelong schools?