Automatic Response to Number Facts

This term our OFI (Opportunity for Improvement) is in maths.

Our goal is to improve our automatic response in all number facts.

We have a few incentives in place.


Check your progress against your name. Each time you are tested for automatic response  you will receive a smiley face to indicate that you have mastered that fact family.

Remember the various number facts that you need to know from each particular fact family.



8 divided by 4=2

8 divided by 2=4

1/2 of 8=4

1/4 of 8=2

2. Mastery Cards from VistaPrint

Once you have your sticker you have earned a mastery card. Paste this into your diary and start a collection. Note the date. Be proud of yourself!.

Earn your mastery card by lots of practise!






3. Practise your number facts at home.

Mathletics times tables ‘toons’ are fun.
You will find them on your login page. Just click on the tab.







Here is another old favourite that you can play at home. You will have fun and improve your number facts at the same time.

MathsBlox Click on the link. Skip the ads.

You can compete against yourself…or others.









Leave a comment about your best way to learn your number facts. It will help others.

Learn Your Tables is another great interactive way to practise at home.

Practise daily.

Here is one for a bit of fun!






Fruit ShootA little bit of fun! is addictive!