Money Maths in MLY

We look forward to playing the Money Maths game each Friday.
We have worked very hard to earn our pay by participating enthusiastically in class, completing our home reading tasks and handing in our homework each week.
We have a wallet and a bank account.
We also have a business partner. We have contributed to setting up a business by buying the stock at 10% of the selling price. The Government of ‘Lynchenburg’ earns 10% and the businesses earn 90%.
Our stores need to be restocked each week because business is very brisk.
After buying and selling sessions are completed we have some time to organise our new things into our house.

Some girls and boys have already bought a bed, table and chairs, plasma television and even a car!
We need alot of money to buy things for our house.
Here are some photos of Money Maths on Friday.

Money Maths and Trading

Thank you to Mr Arundell’s class. They showed us Fish Market on Fuse.

We are learning all about trading so we had a go with the Netbooks today while six of our classmates were out at the sports.

Have fun at home playing Fish Market and practising your maths thinking skills at the same time.