‘A Cultural Assembly’

Mr Creece accepted a dare during assembly a few weeks ago.
The dare was to perform a ballet dance wearing a tutu.
The result was quite ‘interesting’.
Can you see any similarities to Mr Creece attempting to do ballet and a real ballet dancer?

Try to watch both videos simultaneously. 
Please rate the performance.


Here is real ballet performance.

In ballet there is a principal ballerina who performs in a ballet company. 

The orchestra plays the music and the choregrapher creates the set. 

VID00086 from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

4 Amazing Ballet Facts

  • A male dancer lifts over 1-1/2 tons worth of ballerinas during performances.
  • Most ballerinas wear out 2-3 pairs of pointe shoes per week.
  • One tutu costs up to $2,000 to make. 

The 7 Movements of Dance

  • Bending
  • Gliding
  • Turning
  • Stretching
  • Jumping
  • Rising
  • Darting

10 Ideal Characteristics of a Performer

  • Experience and skill .
  • Interest in the arts and a great desire to dance.
  • Strong, healthy body.
  • Broad perceptual field and an open mind.
  • Lots of energy, courage, patience, and strength.
  • The ability to cooperate and get along with others.
  • To take criticism and suggestions easily.
  • To move with conviction and projection.
  • To have time and energy for rehearsals, and a willingness to work.
  • The ability to move with urgency and passion.
Do any of these fun facts resemble Mr Creece’s peformance? 
We love comments on the blog.
Some ideas for a comment could relate to the similarities and differences between the two featured videos.

Magic Teachers

Our Principal, Mr Creece, is a very conscientious, hard working, strict and ‘normal’ Principal.

However, something happens to him on Fridays at around 2:30 and we never quite know what to expect.

Over the years we have been entertained by singing, dancing, frolicking and many interesting dress ups!

This week it was the Magic Show.

The teachers were ‘enticed’ to join in.

The Teachers’ Magic Show from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Mr Creece likes to bring some life to Friday assemblies.

Magician Creece declared Mr Hilton as the winning magician.

Here is your chance to vote for your favourite act.

Voting will close at the end of the week.

Heroes Day for Education Week

Assembly was very different this week.

Mrs McKenzie decided that LLPS would celebrate our wonderful school and all the great learning that happens at LLPS by dressing up as a hero or a heroine.

Mr Creece loves a dress up parade and he was the hero of the show.

Mr Creece was The Ogre from Shrek.

We would like to ask Mr Creece this question.

Why is The Ogre your hero Mr Creece?

Let’s predict some possible answers to this question.

Here are some scenes from the celebration day.
Heroes Day on PhotoPeach

The Principal’s Reading Challenge has finished!

If you participated in the PRC this year, please leave a comment for Mr Creece. He is very interested in receiving feedback.
We are also interested in receiving feedback from parents about PRC 2011.
Think about:
1. The reading time expected for Middles.
2. The award point system- is this appropriate for Gr 3/4?
3. The length of time devoted to the challenge.

The 2011 Principal Reading Challenge

There is only two weeks to go in this year’s Principal’s Reading Challenge. Now is the time to try really hard to achieve your best effort in reading.
Are you striving for 1,000 points for a certificate?
Are you striving for 3,000 points for a bookmark?
Are you striving for 5,000 points for a badge?
Come on everyone. You Can Do It! 30 minutes of reading is 50 points.
Who will achieve their personal goals this year?

The Big Run Around Australia

Get glitter and more at Blixy.com!

We entered The Geelong Advertiser’s Health and Well Being Competition in first term.

They liked our project so much that they decided that we were the winners!

We had to run all the way around Australia.

Every student had to run two laps of the oval for two terms.

It was a long way and a big effort. We ran to every capital city and we learnt a little bit about our magnificent country as we went.

We even did our maths about the data that we kept as all the classes entered their weekly laps.

Mr Creece was so excited about our big effort that he dressed up in a kangaroo suit to run the final leg with the representative from each class.


Mr Creece's Holiday Dance

Mr Creece promised a special treat for the end of term if we practised good listening and excellent manners at our weekly Friday assembly.

He promised that one of the teachers would perform a dance if we could score 1,000 points.

We were surprised that Mr Creece was the special guest performer.

We have a very talented principal.

Mr Creece is like Michael Jackson.

Please leave a comment about Mr Creece’s performance.

You can comment on his costume, choreography, music and dancing.

Mr Creece’s Dance from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

As a special reward for the last day of term, Mr Creece promised us that a teacher would perform a dance. Mr Creece did not disappoint us. HE was the dancer! And…what a dance it was!