A Retirement Announcement from Mrs Lynch

What better way is there to let everyone know about Mrs Lynch’s big news than to present it to you as a post!

Mrs Lynch will pack her lunch and come to school for the last time as a teacher at LLPS on Friday, December 21st.

 After 38 years with the Victorian Education Department-(DEECD),  I have decided that this year’s MLY will be the last one.

What a fantastic MLY -Class of 2012, we have. 

It is definitely one of the best ever!

This weekend I began to feel rather nostalgic so I looked for some old photos.

What sort of changes can you see in the Class of 1977 at Newcomb PS to the Class of 2012 from Lara Lake PS?

Mrs Lynch’s first MLY  at LLPS was in 1996.

I have seen many changes over the years.

The school has grown steadily  and new staff arrive every year. 

What changes can you see in the staff photos from 1996 and 2011?

We will enjoy the rest of our year with a few more blog posts to make the year memorable. 

In MLY we love to read.

Even though the Principal Reading Challenge is over, we still keep a well stocked book shelf. The latest challenge is to keep a reading log for Mr Creece.

Remember- 20 minutes every night is the minimum expectation.

What can you read at home?

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Do you like our bookshelf? Let Mrs Lynch know the titles of the books you want on the shelf. Leave a comment.