Three-way interviews-parent, teacher, student

This week we will be conducting our parent/teacher interviews.
The Middle Department include the students in the interview process because we believe that the students own their learning so they should be involved.
We will conduct our 3 way interviews on Thursday.
We have a script to follow.

Here is the script for you to practise at home.
Student Led Interview Script
1. Student enters the classroom and greets the teacher formally.

2. He/She introduces the parents to the teacher (first names).

3. Student follows the script for the student led interview:

  • Could you please tell my parents about my achievements so far this year?
  • Could you please tell my parents about my learning improvement goals for the rest of the year?
  • Could you tell my parents about my organisation, confidence, persistence, getting along behaviour, and resilience?
  • Could you tell my teacher about my home reading, homework, projects and organisation skills?
  • Could you tell my parents about my behaviour in class?

4. Teacher questions

  • What achievements you most proud of so far this year?
  • What goals would you like to achieve before the end of the year?

5. Parent questions

  • Including reporting back from report form

We attempted a funny one at school so that everyone knows what to expect. Thankyou Zoe, Adam and Charlotte for joining in with the fun.

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