Cats are Better than Dogs- a discussion!

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If I had to choose between a cat and a dog I would choose a ….


Cats are very easy pets to look after. You only have to feed them a little bit each day and lock them up in a warm place each night so that they do not go out hunting for birds at night. Most of the time they sleep in a sunny place and mind their own business. They love pats and cuddles. On the other hand, cats don’t like little children very much and you can’t train them to do tricks.


Dogs come in all shapes and sizes to suit all families. You need to be very responsible to own a dog. A dog is for a lifetime and not just when they are cute little puppies. Dogs are ‘man’s best friends’. They are very loyal pets and will wag their tails excitedly when you get home from school. On the other hand dogs need a walk every day even when it is cold and wet. They bark and dig up the garden sometimes. Dogs can be full of mischief.

Now that I have considered the positive and negative aspects of owning a cat or a dog, I have decided to buy a…


How Many Maths lessons are in a box of Smarties?

Let’s kick off the week with a poll.

Which colour is your favourite Smartie?

Our writing task will be to JUSTIFY why we have a favourite colour.