Aboriginal Studies

The Aborigines enjoyed their traditional lifestyle in Australia for 50,000 years before Europeans changed this forever.
The website The Australian Aborigines will help us to understand the history of the first Australians.

The Aboriginal Flag:

Some people think that the design of the flag is represented by:

a yellow circle- the sun

the top half is black- the Aboriginal people

the bottom half is red- the desert earth

The Dreamtime Stories:

The Aboriginal stories from The Dreamtime are very special stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. The explain the beginnings of time and the earth, the sun and the moon are always respected.

Sorry Day

Sorry Day Song

We worked very hard on developing our arguments to persuade everyone we know that it is a very good thing to say ‘SORRY’ to the Aborigines.

We Should Say Sorry to the Aborigines on PhotoPeach

Here is the other side of the Sorry Day Discussion.

Use the poll lodge your personal opinion.

I do not think that we should have to say SORRY to the Aborigines.

Firstly, Captain Cook had no idea that the Aborigines had lived in Australia when he landed at Botany Bay in 1777. The Aborigines were hiding and they did not show any signs that they lived in this country.

Secondly, the children of the Aborigines needed to go to school to learn how to read and write. The Welfare People thought that they were doing the right thing when they took the babies out of the dangerous bush and provided a soft bed, nice clothes and proper food for the children.

Thirdly, everyone knows that English is the universal language so Aborigines can communicate better in our language than their own language. No one can understand their language and even the Aborigines have too many different ways of saying the same words.

I think that I have shown you that Sorry Day is not important in our history.
Please vote on our blog.

Persuasive Writing

 This term we will continue to enjoy writing in MLY.

We know that writing requires:

  •  much preparation and practice.
  •  a special structure to go with each type of text.
  • care and attention to spelling, punctuation and grammar.

In the Middle Department we try to develop our pieces of writing.

If we give a score after carefully evaluating our work we can set a goal to improve.

We have our ‘I Can’ statements to help us.


level 3

I can write an orientation that introduces the reader to the event or experience that will be described
I can write in first or third person
I can write in the past tense
I can include a list of events described in their correct order with an attempt at paragraphing
I can use a variety of adjectives to describe the events
I can use a variety of conjunctions to link sentences together to make them more interesting. For example – then, later on, after, finally
I can include personal comments about the event or experience
I include a conclusion at the end to sum up the recount
I can include diagrams/illustrations to support the text


Level 3

I can write an orientation with an interesting opening sentence that grabs the attention of the reader.
I can write an orientation with a setting that is described with at least two sentences.
I can include well described characters.
I can include a believable problem or complication that has to be solved.
I include a series of events that occur in order.
I include a complication that is solved by a believable resolution.
I can use at least five interesting new words.
I can proof read my work with attempts to correct spelling, improve my sentence structure and correct punctuation.


Level 3

I can include an opening statement which says the issue that will be argued
I include an opening statement which says my opinion about the issue
I can write points to support my opinion
I include points presented in a logical way with some supporting information to help argue my point of view
I write a separate paragraph for each point
My writing is written in the present tense
I can use emotive words to persuade the reader
I can write a concluding statement that sums up the argument

Our special focus will be ‘PERSUASIVE WRITING’.
Here is a You tube video to ‘tune in’ to this special text type.

We will need develop an opinions about different topics.
Here are some ideas for discussion this week.

  1. Cats make better pets than dogs.
  2. The best colour in the rainbow is purple.
  3. There should be Saturday school for all students.
  4. Homework should be banned.

The tip is to persuade your audience….you do not really have to believe in the argument.
This graphic organiser is an easy one to use.










Keep this Persuasive Writing Success Criteria in mind as you write your argumenmts.

1. I clearly chose a side.
2. I have a great opening sentence.
3 I have 3 or more good arguments.
4 I have included some facts.
5 I have included opinions and personal views.
6 I remained on the topic.
7 I have a strong closing sentence.
8 I have used some technical terms related to the topic.
9 I have written in the first person.
Here is Mrs Lynch’s argument about ‘The Best AFL team’.


Geelong is undoubtedly the best team in the AFL competition. There are many reasons why everyone should get behind their home team and support “The Cats’.
Firstly the colours look great. The navy and white hoops present very smartly on the big television screens. The colours are much better than brown and yellow (Hawks) or black and yellow (Richmond).
Secondly, Geelong have won the premiership many times over the past 10 years. They have achieved the best records by far, including the longest winning streak 23 games; the highest score recorded in a single game (37.17 (239) ; the highest-ever aggregate season total for points scored (3,334 points); the record for restricting an opponent to the lowest ever score in a game (St Kilda 0.1 (1); the most consecutive 100-point victories (3 games in a row); the longest winning streak in interstate games (12 games) the longest home ground winning streak—29 games straight. It is the only team to have had nine players selected in a single
All-Australian team (2007). In 2009, Geelong became the only club to win more than 18 games in three successive seasons. They are also the only club in the league to have never finished lower than 12th position. Little kids can trust this team to win. Winning teams, like Geelong, do not disappoint kids and turn them off footy. Losing teams make kids stay inside and play computer games rather than getting outside to kick the football.
Thirdly, The Cats players are great sportsmen. They do not get reported very often and they always show good sportsmanlike behaviour during the game. Many other teams have players who get into trouble with the police. This is extremely scary for kids who look up to players as role models.
Finally Geelong has a fantastic football ground at Kardinia Park. It is the perfect place to take the whole family to watch the greatest team of all….Geelong.
I hope that you agree that Geelong is, was and always will be the best team in the AFL.