Numeracy Week, Reach for the Stars

Last week was National Numeracy Week for all Australian schools.
This year the Reach for the Stars activity was to measure the perimeter of our classroom by standing around the walls arm to shoulder.
We counted 48 students by
1. standing along the length-and the we doubled this for the other side.
2. standing along the width- and the we doubled this for the other end
3. we added the two steps together.
We learnt about the formula for measuring perimeter- (2XLENGTH)+(2xwidth)=the perimeter

We decided to ‘turn and talk’ about all the other maths in our classroom.
Here is a list of some of the things that we spotted as potential maths opportunities in Room 19.
1. Work out the answers to all the arrays in our classroom.
2. Work out the area of our classroom walls.
3. Work out the depth of our classroom-although this is very tricky because the ceiling is not flat.
4. Graph the students according to a variety of headings.
5. Investigate the timetables for students, specialists and teachers.
6. Draw the 2 D shapes for a birds eye view of the classroom.
7. Look at the roll for attendance data.
7. Compare the results of our investigations with another class.