We love to begin our daily reading session with some independent reading.

We have rules:







We have a wide variety of texts to make a ‘just right’ choice. 

To help us we use the 5 Finger Test (one finger down for each word on a page that we cannot identity).

The popular books in MLY are ‘Zac Power’ and ‘EJ12’

We would like to recommend these books to Gr 3 and 4 mates all over the world.

They are PERFECT for The Middles!

This week we decided to do a reverse silent reading session.

We are practising fluency and expression, so we read aloud for 10 minutes each day.

We have an anchor chart to remind us of the expectations of a good reader and a checklist to set goals and monitor improvement. 

This is what our ‘reverse silent reading’ looked like and sounded like.

Please leave your comments about what a read aloud session felt like.

In MLY we love to read.

Even though the Principal Reading Challenge is over, we still keep a well stocked book shelf. The latest challenge is to keep a reading log for Mr Creece.

Remember- 20 minutes every night is the minimum expectation.

What can you read at home?

THE BLOG!    interest box books, library books, favourites from home, classics, reading from the computer, novels, comics, factual books, newspaper, newsletter, catalogues, magazines, recipes, procedures,

Do you like our bookshelf? Let Mrs Lynch know the titles of the books you want on the shelf. Leave a comment.

Gotta Keep Reading

Our Principal, Mr Creece, is passionate about LLPS students reading every single night as part of their home reading program.

He believes in making every student into a great reader through practise, practise, practise.

If you don’t believe us then listen for yourself

Mr Creece from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.


Mrs McKenzie from New Zealand found our blog and we returned their comment. We found this on their blog and we love it for Principal Challenge. Hope you like it. If you want a good score for Principal Challenge then let this video inspire you!

Custom Glitter Text

We all want one!


1,000 points you receive a certificate.

3,000 points you receive a bookmark.

5,000 points you receive a badge.

Everyone wins because reading is great entertainment!

Did you sign up for Principal Challenge, 2010?


What score did you achieve?

What is the title of the best book you read during Pr Ch 2010?

Will you join up for 2011?

What score do you want to achieve next year?