The Big Run Around Australia

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We entered The Geelong Advertiser’s Health and Well Being Competition in first term.

They liked our project so much that they decided that we were the winners!

We had to run all the way around Australia.

Every student had to run two laps of the oval for two terms.

It was a long way and a big effort. We ran to every capital city and we learnt a little bit about our magnificent country as we went.

We even did our maths about the data that we kept as all the classes entered their weekly laps.

Mr Creece was so excited about our big effort that he dressed up in a kangaroo suit to run the final leg with the representative from each class.


Run Around Australia

Today Mr Creece helped us to run through the Northern Territory and now we are in Western Australia.

Mr Creece ran around the oval 27 times during recess time.  Mr Creece’s laps were worth 50 km.

 This means he helped us to travel 1,350 km. Thank you Mr Creece.

The students enjoyed running and they they ran 1,000 laps.

Mr Creece’s Run Around the Oval from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

Mr Creece helped us to run over 1,000 km because he ran 27 laps during recess. Thank you Mr Creece for getting us through the desert of WA.

Your comments:
1. How many laps did you run with Mr Creece?
2. Could you keep up with Mr Creece?
3. Do you like our Run Around Australia event?
4. Are you happy that we won the Health and Well Being Challenge from all the other Geelong schools?