Aboriginal Studies

The Aborigines enjoyed their traditional lifestyle in Australia for 50,000 years before Europeans changed this forever.
The website The Australian Aborigines will help us to understand the history of the first Australians.

The Aboriginal Flag:

Some people think that the design of the flag is represented by:

a yellow circle- the sun

the top half is black- the Aboriginal people

the bottom half is red- the desert earth

The Dreamtime Stories:

The Aboriginal stories from The Dreamtime are very special stories that have been passed on from generation to generation. The explain the beginnings of time and the earth, the sun and the moon are always respected.

Sorry Day

Sorry Day Song

We worked very hard on developing our arguments to persuade everyone we know that it is a very good thing to say ‘SORRY’ to the Aborigines.

We Should Say Sorry to the Aborigines on PhotoPeach

Here is the other side of the Sorry Day Discussion.

Use the poll lodge your personal opinion.

I do not think that we should have to say SORRY to the Aborigines.

Firstly, Captain Cook had no idea that the Aborigines had lived in Australia when he landed at Botany Bay in 1777. The Aborigines were hiding and they did not show any signs that they lived in this country.

Secondly, the children of the Aborigines needed to go to school to learn how to read and write. The Welfare People thought that they were doing the right thing when they took the babies out of the dangerous bush and provided a soft bed, nice clothes and proper food for the children.

Thirdly, everyone knows that English is the universal language so Aborigines can communicate better in our language than their own language. No one can understand their language and even the Aborigines have too many different ways of saying the same words.

I think that I have shown you that Sorry Day is not important in our history.
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