Lara Lake PS has been part of a dramatic change in teaching and learning over the past few years.

The current trend in education is to rely on many sources of data to indicate student improvement in literacy and numeracy. 

Principals must account to Regional Office  for a school improvement plan.

Teachers must account to the Principal for test data collected in the classroom. 

Students must account to their teachers for their learning in the term units- especially Maths and Literacy. 

This year students in MLY will explain their learning when parents interview them on Thursday, 28th June. 

We have a script for parents to follow, our data to explain and our goals for the rest of the year to discuss. 

We are very excited and have been explaining the process to Mr Wood, MsRichards and Mr Creece. 

Here are some videos that may help you to understand how we ‘learn to learn’ in MLY.

Students engaging in pre tests 

Post test Reflections

Explanation of Achievements, I Can Statements  and Differentiated Learning Groups

MLY read this post for our shared reading session.

Our task was to make up some thick questions to challenge your thinking about this post.

Can you answer the questions.

1. What if Mr Creece did not have a learning improvemnt plan to show Regional Office?

2. What would happen if the students made a learning improvement plan to show Mr Creece?

3. How would you feel if you did not learn in your class?

4. How has education changed in the last few years?

Three-way interviews-parent, teacher, student

This week we will be conducting our parent/teacher interviews.
The Middle Department include the students in the interview process because we believe that the students own their learning so they should be involved.
We will conduct our 3 way interviews on Thursday.
We have a script to follow.

Here is the script for you to practise at home.
Student Led Interview Script
1. Student enters the classroom and greets the teacher formally.

2. He/She introduces the parents to the teacher (first names).

3. Student follows the script for the student led interview:

  • Could you please tell my parents about my achievements so far this year?
  • Could you please tell my parents about my learning improvement goals for the rest of the year?
  • Could you tell my parents about my organisation, confidence, persistence, getting along behaviour, and resilience?
  • Could you tell my teacher about my home reading, homework, projects and organisation skills?
  • Could you tell my parents about my behaviour in class?

4. Teacher questions

  • What achievements you most proud of so far this year?
  • What goals would you like to achieve before the end of the year?

5. Parent questions

  • Including reporting back from report form

We attempted a funny one at school so that everyone knows what to expect. Thankyou Zoe, Adam and Charlotte for joining in with the fun.

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