‘Student Voice’

A discussion topic was raised by our School Council during the week.

It was concerning an update to our school uniform and a possible alteration to the dragon emblem on our jumpers.

Mrs Lynch reposted an old post from 2010 entitled: History of Lara Lake’s Logo.

New teachers were surprised by the tragic history behind our uniform and the links we have with Wales, in the United Kingdom.

Many teachers and students were unaware about the tragedy in Aberfan and the Lara Bush fires which burnt down our original school building.

The students displayed a fresh pride in our school uniform, a sense of history and respect for tradition and uniform that has been part of LLPS for 56 years.

Some senior students decided to present a speech at assembly and they asked the students for a show of hands to support keeping the Welsh dragon.

There was a unanimous response with 100% of students in support of status quo.

The students have spoken.

 The discussion proved that our students can be very influential in the decision making process at LLPS.

Please leave your comment about your feelings after the week when the students all rallied together to support  the history and traditions of LLPS.