Chloe and Kade's tour of our new hall.

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We were returning from our whole school assembly on Thursday when Mrs Lynch noticed that all the workers had left the building site. We decided to send Chloe and Kade over to ask Gary, the project manager, if he would take some photos for us. To our surprise, he invited Kade and Chloe on to the site to take the photos themselves. Gary had to use a big spanner to open the fence up. Kade is an experienced photographer with the big camera because his mum has a SLR.

What do you think of the new hall?

Only one month to go now and everyone can see the fantastic hall for themselves.

The New Hall

How high is the crane? from Bernadette Lynch on Vimeo.

The crane went 40 metres into the air when it was shifting the frame into place around the site. The crane stayed at the building site for a week. During that time the steel frame for our new hall went up.

Our hall is going to be enormous. We can actually see that the building has a shape now. How exciting!

Our new hall is taking on the shape of a new canteen, music room and full size basketball court. We didn’t realise how big it was going to be until recently. The crane has left the building site now-its job is done! Watching the workers build such an enormous building is interesting. We will keep you informed as the project moves along.

So far we have seen:

Stage 1-preparation of site and concrete foundation.

Stage 2- the steel frame erected with the fascinating assistance of the enormous crane that could be seen from all over Lara.

Stage 3-    to come next week. Don’t forget to visit the posr regularly

Sage 4-

Stage 5-

Stage 6-

When you comment on our hall, you might answer these questions in statement form.

  1. What do you think we will be able to do inside the hall?
  2. Will it be good to have another canteen?
  3. What colours do you want our hall to have for the walls and floor?