A discussion about Water.

The many hands of a discussion topic!

OPV-Other People’s Point of View.

Always listen politely to each other’s opinion- it makes us think about things!


People are individuals and individuals have a right to their own point of view.

It is interesting to listen to each other’s opinions. We can have an interesting discussion when we share our opinions. Last week we looked at how to write a discussion and we decided to produce two sides of the discussion on each hand.

On one hand we discussed the issue of water conservation and on the other hand we discussed the fact that in these modern times fresh drinking water can be ‘made’ from other sources and not just from the water catchment process.

It was a very interesting topic and we enjoyed coming up with supportive arguments for both sides.

Please drop a comment after your have read the discussion.

 Maybe you have a personal opinion about the issue of using water in the community.

Everyone should protect, conserve and get involved in using our water wisely. Our Middle Department recently travelled all the way to Geelong’s water catchment area. It is a long way- nearly two hours to Forrest  in the Otway Ranges. It is here that we discovered a beautiful place where the rain runs off the mountains and two rivers meet. A dam was build and this is Geelong’s main water supply. The water is then treated at Wurdee Boluc and every drop of water is cleaned and disinfected to make Geelong’s water ‘fit for a king!’ When you think about wasting water next time, maybe you should think about the process each drop of water goes through before it comes out of your tap.

On the other hand, this is the 21st century. People should be allowed to wash their beautiful cars, tend to their lovely gardens and fill up their fantstic pools hwenever they need to. After all, there is not a shortage of water really. The same amount of water exists now as at the beginning of time. Scientists are always finding ways of inventing new things. Right now a desalination plant is being built in Victoria. We shall never need water restrictions ever again.

What do you think?

Water Conservation Week


Whizzy and Drippy’s Wedding Day.

 Whizzy and Drippy exchanged their marriage vows this week.

The ceremony took place in the rain on Monday, 15th November, 2010.

It was a wonderful wedding day.

The grey clouds gathered by water vapour condensing.

The water drops in the clouds fell as Whizzy and Drippy’s wedding day guests

‘I Whizzy, take you Drippy to be my wife.

I promise to look after you on rainy days and in droughts.

I will never waste you by leaving a tap on.

I will always fill the washing machine up before turning it on.

I will take short showers and shallow baths.

I will sweep paths and not hose them

I will protect, conserve and get involved for the rest of my life.’

We loved the wedding day and made our own little promises with the bride and the groom.

Do you like this rap made by a class of students in America?

Saving Water is an important issue for all of us.